The Youth can expect to arrive and enjoy snacks or a light meal as we begin our time together. From there we will play games including icebreakers and team building activities.  This year will study the New Testament beginning with the four gospels and ending with a brief look at Revelation. The Youth will have opportunities to participate in service and volunteer projects.


October 1—Series on the Gospels- Luke

October 8—Series on the Gospels- John

October 13–(Friday) Movie Night 6-8:30p

October 15—Series on the Early Church-Acts

October 22—Series on the Early Church-Paul part 1

October 29—Series on the Early church-Paul part 2/Halloween Party

Christmas Break–No Youth group
Opportunity to Volunteer—Noon Years Eve Party 12/31/2017 11a-1p

Please contact Rachael Dunlap at 248-399-3698 or with any questions.