Though we are scattered around the region and the world, we gather together to worship via live-stream on our Facebook page Sundays at 10:00 AM. Join us for a 40-45 minute worship experience with a live band and an inspiring message based upon the life of Jesus. Worship has no walls – and we encourage you to invite friends and family to tune in and worship with you, wherever they are. When in-person community gatherings resume, we look forward to worshiping together again at 2820 12 Mile Road.

Perspective matters, and we are now in a series called Kingdom Disposition where we’ll examine the Kingdom sayings of Jesus as found in the Gospel of Matthew. This series is all about orienting our view of ourselves and the world around us in light of the present and coming reign of God in Jesus Christ. Someday things will return to normal, but it doesn’t have to be the normal we once knew.