Tiny Home – Berkley Heart

It’s no surprise that housing affordability is a real issue in the Metro Detroit area, and while we cannot solve that problem for the whole region, we can do for one person what we wish we could do for everyone. Cass Tiny Homes has been constructing a neighborhood of affordable rent-to-own homes, where residents pay $1/square foot for rent and, after 7 years, own the home they’re living in. They’re tiny homes. A 350-square-foot house rents for $350/month. 

Tiny Home Update 🏠 ❤️

Over the past year, Berkley First has been raising funds to build a Tiny Home with Cass Community Social Services. We may not be able to solve housing affordability or income inequality on a global scale, but we can do for one person what we wish we could do for everyone.
Our goal was to raise at least $25,000 to build a home for someone in need, and together, we raised $30,000 to build a Cass Tiny Home.
The Berkley Men’s Group is in contact with Cass, and we will let you know as soon as groundbreaking and volunteer workdays are scheduled later this year.
Thanks be to God for your commitment to making a difference!