Versiti blood Center of Michigan supplies over 75% of the blood products across SE Michigan, yet less than 15% is collected within the same communities. As the local blood provider, it’s critical that we have stabile and consistent inventory – usually a 3-5 day supply.

Appointments preferred, walk-ins welcome as the schedule allows.  Call 866-MIBLOOD, visit, or scan the QR code to schedule your appointment.

1 donation impacts up to 3 lives and supports local hospitals.

Versiti is the primary blood provider of Henry Ford Health and Corewell Health (Beaumont).

Helpful tip:  To ensure a successful blood donation, remember to start now and eat iron rich foods. Chicken, seafood, beans, quinoa, spinach, chickpeas, lentils, peas and pumpkin seeds. Also, vitamin C helps to absorb the iron.

To schedule an appointment, click HERE